How to Use This Site

If you are searching for a doctor certified to prescribe buprenorphine, click on the third selection in the menu above– or simply click here, for ‘Doctor Directories.’  You will be taken to a page that lists a number of buprenorphine-certified doctor databases with comments about each database.  People are encouraged to list any database not mentioned here in the ‘comments’ section (as one reader has already done).

Again, the information is at Suboxone Doctor Locators

The menu contains links to several other resources.   Bupetube, for example, is a collection of YouTube videos about addiction and the use of buprenorphine to treat opioid dependence.  The link ‘Google-Results’ is a destination page for searches related to Suboxone .   To use the search on web sites about buprenorphine, opioid dependence, or addiction, simply enter your search term in the box at the right of the header labeled ‘Google Custom Search’ and click on ‘Search’.  If you leave the page that contains your search results, you can return to it by clicking on the link to ‘Google Results.’

The menu item ‘SuboxSearch‘ connects to a new feature where one can search either SuboxForum or Suboxone Talk Zone–independently– about topics related to buprenorphine and addiction.  For example, someone seeking information about buprenorphine and pregnancy can find thousands of comments related to buprenorphine and pregnancy, or about one small aspect of buprenorphine and pregnancy, from buprenorphine patients themselves, answering each others’ questions on SuboxForum. Or the person can search for information on the specific topic of choice from the archives of Suboxone Talk Zone, from posts that were written over the past seven years.

I wish you success with your search for an appropriate physician, and I encourage you to use the search functions and view the informational videos.  I have done my best to provide information that is free of commercial bias, based on the science behind buprenorphine and addiction.