The Five Best Suboxone Doctor Locators

Use this page to find Suboxone and Buprenorphine-Certified Physicians Near You.  There are several other resources for finding buprenorphine-certified doctors. I’ll plug my forum, SuboxForum, as one such place. The Forum has close to 10,000 registered members, and visitor traffic is much higher, since registration is not required to read posts. I do not share or sell registration info, and you can register with fake information, if the idea of giving a name creeps you out. Feel free to visit and ask if anyone knows of open docs in your area.

This site is designed to help you search for help, linking to sites that search for buprenorphine and Suboxone Doctors: A Directory of Directories.

Suboxone-Doctor Searches

Below are web sites designed to pair patients and doctors.  They are not provided in any particular order, and other than being a bit leery of the pharmaceutical company’s site I don’t favor one over another.  I suspect that some listed doctors will be full, or may have retired from the Suboxone business.  But along with the sites listed by commenters, you should get off on a good start.


This site has changed over the years from a directory to a promotional site for doctors willing to pay a fee. The site has a link to the directory put out the manufacturer of Suboxone Film (see below), but otherwise contains general comments encouraging people to get help, and a short list of promoted practices.  Not all that useful.

The National Alliance of Advocates for Buprenorphine Treatment or NAABT

A portal where prospective patients enter their location and other information, and that information is then sent to certified doctors who have signed up to be matched with patients. There are links to other sites, including a forum. The site is a question mark to me, because it self-described as an ‘alliance of advocates’, but I’ve never met, read about, or spoken with a buprenorphine prescriber who is ‘allied’ with them.   Of course if patients want an alliance, that’s what my forum is for! and Turn to Help

Includes a listing of ‘Here to Help’ doctors– which should be considered a wall of shame, since such doctors have pledged to prescribe only the pharmaceutical company, Reckitt Benckiser Group’s Suboxone ‘Film’, regardless of patient preference, request, or need.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration or SAMHSA

This government agency site has a detailed search function that finds doctors based on zip code, state, city, or name of doctor. Since SAMHSA knows who is and is not certified, this list to be the most comprehensive. The list also contains names of docs who became certified at some point in the past ten years, but never set up, or perhaps discontinued, treatment with buprenorphine.  As of 2017 the site has been upgraded, and is the most current site on the internet today.  Use it!

The site provides a nice listing of doctors by state and by city, which would be a very handy thing if the listings were accurate.  As of 2017, many of the listed doctors are retired or full, and doctors or nurse practitioners entering the field in the past year or two are not listed.  But the site does provide a starting point, as many of the listed doctors who are still around may know who is accepting new patients out there.

All of the sites listed above are free to the person looking for a physician. Most are free for the physician as well. There is a nice mix of sites supported by the pharmaceutical industry, by the government, and by a few private individuals.

Each Suboxone-certified physician can treat only 30-275 patients, depending on certification level. Many of us hope that the cap on patients will be raised or eliminated at some point, since there is a clear shortage of cerified doctors in some regions, and there is no limit to the amount of fentanyl crossing the border!. The cap is determined by Federal law, so changing the cap takes more than just an administrative decision.

When considering a practice, ask about cost per month, and whether a patient can advance to less-frequent appointments if he/she does well.  Ask if there is a charge for urine drug testing, and if counseling is required, and if so for how long.  In my own practice I reduce the frequency of appointments for patients who have proven themselves, so that they can go three months between visits.  I do not charge for urine drug testing, and I charge $220 every three months for those patients.  I believe that I am one of the less-expensive options out there, and I want it that way.

Finally, ask if they allow patients to choose between Suboxone film, combination tabs, Zubsolv, plain buprenorphine, and Sublocade.  All have their uses.

Good luck!