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There are several resources for finding buprenorphine-certified doctors. I’ll plug my forum, SuboxForum, as one such place. The Forum has close to 10,000 registered members, and visitor traffic is much higher, since registration is not required to read posts. I do not share or sell registration info, and you can register with fake information, if the idea of giving a name creeps you out. Feel free to visit and ask if anyone knows of open docs in your area.

Suboxone-Doctor Searches

There are several web sites that are designed to pair patients and doctors.  They are not provided in any particular order, and other than being a bit leery of the pharmaceutical company’s site for reasons cited below, I don’t favor one over another.  I suspect that some listed doctors will be full, or may have ever retired from the Suboxone business for reasons described on the main page.  But along with the sites listed by commenters, you should get off on a good start.


This site has changed over the years from a directory to a promotional site for doctors willing to pay a fee. The site has a link to the directory put out the manufacturer of Suboxone Film (see below), but otherwise contains general comments encouraging people to get help, and a short list of promoted practices.  Not all that useful.

The National Alliance of Advocates for Buprenorphine Treatment or NAABT

A portal where prospective patients enter their location and other information, and that information is then sent to certified doctors who have signed up to be matched with patients. There are links to other sites, including a forum. The site is a question mark to me, because it self-described as an ‘alliance of advocates’, but I’ve never met, read about, or spoken with a buprenorphine prescriber who is ‘allied’ with them.   Of course if patients want an alliance, that’s what my forum is for! and Turn to Help

Includes a listing of ‘Here to Help’ doctors– which should be considered a wall of shame, since such doctors have pledged to prescribe only the pharmaceutical company, Reckitt Benckiser Group’s Suboxone ‘Film’, regardless of patient preference, request, or need.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration or SAMHSA

This government agency site has a detailed search function that finds doctors based on zip code, state, city, or name of doctor. Since SAMHSA knows who is and is not certified, this list to be the most comprehensive. The list also contains names of docs who became certified at some point in the past ten years, but never set up, or perhaps discontinued, treatment with buprenorphine.  As of 2017 the site has been upgraded, and is the most current site on the internet today.  Use it!

The site provides a nice listing of doctors by state and by city, which would be a very handy thing if the listings were accurate.  As of 2017, many of the listed doctors are retired or full, and doctors or nurse practitioners entering the field in the past year or two are not listed.  But the site does provide a starting point, as many of the listed doctors who are still around may know who is accepting new patients out there.

All of the sites listed above are free to the person looking for a physician. Most are free for the physician as well. There is a nice mix of sites supported by the pharmaceutical industry, by the government, and by a few private individuals.

Each Suboxone-certified physician can treat only 30 or 100 patients, depending on certification level. Many of us hope that the cap on patients will be raised or eliminated at some point, since there is a clear shortage of cerified doctors in some regions, and there is no limit to the number of patients that a physician can treat with narcotic pain medications. The cap is determined by Federal law, so changing the cap takes more than just an administrative decision.

I hope these sites are helpful. Before you go, check out the ‘search’ function in the upper right corner of the page. You’ll find my blog articles about almost every aspect of opioid dependence, as well as six years of posts by other patients taking or considering Suboxone, who are/were in your shoes.


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  1. This site is an excellent idea! I am so glad to see that there are a few people who remain pro-active with regard to helping others find Buprenorphine Treatment. Here are a few others; these may or may not be any different. Still, more resources can only benefit those in need. Thanks so much Doc!

    *Suboxone Doctors Buprenorphine Treatment Centers –

    * –

    *Drug Rehabs: Connecting People With People Who Can Help –

    • Matt, thank you for the info, I cant seem to find a Dr. that Is accepting new patients!! I have been on the Films for OVER 2 1/12 years and my Dr. NEVER thought I was ready to be weaned down let alone a taper! I believe they WANT you to depend on them for their medication, that they KNOW you need or else you will be sick and suffer!! I would be with this Dr. still, till this day, If his Nurse Assistant didn’t steal $300.00 out of my purse that SHE HAD to hold (Policy) while I did my urine!! I did realize it before I left the office, The office manager, myself and “The Thief” had a meeting regarding the situation and coming from an Office Manager to say to me, as a Patient “I knew a Patient stole my cell once, but there was nothing I could do about it!” YEA!!! IMAGINE! I said, ok but I am the Patient here, NOT an employee! I don’t expect to be taken advantage of at My own Dr. Office! Then, They REFUSED TO LET ME SPEAK TO THE DPCTOR HIMSELF! Shuffling me out the door quickly as possible, when I called they told me I was no longer a patient there anymore! Still wouldn’t let me speak to the Doctor! I don’t even think he knows what happened, they probably told him I stopped showing up for my appointments! SO FOR ANYONE READING THIS MESSAGE, THE OFFICE WAS ********************************************************* in ******, MASS!!!! THE OFFICE MANAGER, **** WAS NICE TO ME ALL THE TIME, TILL HER FRIEND, THE NA, **** HAD STOLEN $300 OUT OF MY PURSE, WHILE I HAD TO DO A URINE!! REAL NICE HUH?? HOW MANY TIMES I HAD BOUGHT **** DUNKS COFFEE AND BREAKFAST ON MY WAY IN TO MY APPOINTMENT! THEN TAKE ADVANTAGE OF A PATIENT LIKE THAT!! AND YA KNOW WHAT, NOT FOR NOTHING, THAT $300 WAS MONEY TO HELP CONTRIBUTE TOWARDS A TUMB STONE FOR MY LATE BROTHER, JUSTIN MAY HE R.I.P. BUT DONT YOU WORRY BRO…SIS HAS YOUR BACK AND THAT GRIMMY PIECE OF [email protected] THIEF WILL NOT STOP YOU FROM GETTING WHAT IS RESPECTFULLY YOURS, WHAT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO, I WILL GET YOU YOUR HEADSTONE! I WOULDNT RECOMEND ANYONE TO GO TO THAT SHITHOLE THAT STEALS FROM PATIENTS, THAT HAVE ALREADY SEEN, LIVED AND FELT LIKE THEY WHERE IN HELL, HAVE THE COURAGE, THE STRENGHT TO GET BETTER, AND YOU CANT EVEN TRUST THE PEOPLE THAT YOUR PUTTING YOUR MEDICAL CARE IN? DISGRACE! PROBABLY WHY JUSTIN DECIDED TO TAKE HIS OWN LIFE…..HE WAS LIVING IN HELL ANYWAYS, COULDNT TRUST ANYONE, BUT ME! DOES TRACEE CARE?? ************, DO THEY CARE? HOPE THE $300 WAS WORTH IT TO HER, GOD SEE’S EVERYTHING AND DOESNT LIKE UGLY! MAYBE *************** IN ******** NEEDS TO START DRUG TESTING THEIR OWN STAFF! JS! WHEEEEEWWWW!!!! SORRY ABOUT THAT EVERYONE, COURSE IT UPSETS ME!!! ANYWAYS, BLESSING IN DISGUISE, COULDA BEEN WORSE, COULDA BEEN MORE MONEY! COULD HAVE BEEN GETTING TREATMENT BY AN ACTIVE ADDICT HERSELF, AND HURT ME PHYSICALLY, HEALTH WISE!

      • that’s the truth most drs want 300 cash to c u come on really theres not enogh mass health drs this is a shame for ppl wanting help wow where shall I get 300 cash on ssi Marianne amaral

  2. I have been on pain pills for22 years an im trying to finf a suboxone clinic but no luck yet i live in blackford co indiana

  3. Have an 18 year old son who has asked for help. He is waiting 1 week to get in with an addiction specialist and I am not certain he will survive.

    • your a stronge wonderful mom who loves her son very much.this specialist is he an interventionlist. there are several different kinds of clinics an programs out there. You know your son you and him together gather all the research on methodone clinics suboxone dr. your find one that fits you. He has the biggest supporter right next to him god bless an hope here from u soon.

    • Carolyn, I hope that you are your son are doing well. Since I don’t know where you are located, I decided to post this message in case you are in (or near) Mississippi. I am very fortunate to be a patient at CARE Clinic for Drug Addiction in Central Mississippi. The doctor and staff are very supportive and empowering. More importantly, CARE Clinic is open from 9AM – 7PM every day (seven days a week). This means that you can call them at 662/508-0098 and be seen today.

      I hope that you and your son will be able to benefit from my experience. I can’t give you any more specific advice without knowing where you are located.

  4. I have been on pain pills for over 15 years, my husband also. We had to make a decision to get a house or go off the pain meds we decided to go off the meds, we have been homeless for 4 months. My VERY EXPENSIVE DOCTOR who costed approx. 3,000.00 the first 4 months. She found a very piddle reason to kick us out. I cant find a reasonable doctor anywhere in the area? I need help in LOUISVILLE, KY area. We have had great success in this program!!! The cap is very wrong. ITS A CASH COW!!! I have 4 days to find a doctor but cant seem to find one. Anyone who knows of a doctor please email me. at [email protected].

  5. PS I am a chronic pain patient with 15 vertebrae and stenosis in my kneck. I have 3 young children to support and we finally got an apt. we move in next week if we can find a doctor. PLEASE GOD HELP US TO STAY AWAY FROM ROXICODONE. thank you anyone who can help. area code is 47150. [email protected] I NEED A DOCTOR QUICK THAT DOESNT COST 500.00 a month forever!!!

  6. If you anyone is looking, I know of a caring long term suboxone doctor who will definitely work with you to treat you at a price that you’re comfortable with. His rates are amazing compared to most NY doctors. His office is located in Long Island NY
    Call (978) 913-8338 or email [email protected]

    Good luck to you all

  7. I just moved to Phoenix AZ from Las Vegas, NV. I had a cash-only suboxone doctor and I need to find one in Phoenix like today.. Can anyone help? I was trying to find the psychologist type doctors, the ones who can help with keeping me on a mood stabilizer regimen, not a physician type who does drugs tests every week and I have to do all these things just to get my meds.. I need a doctor ASAP please help!!

    • Hi Brittany,
      I lived in Phoenix for 7 years and have been on suboxone since 2003 or so…..When I went to the clinic below, it was $100 cash each month. It is a methadone clinic on one side and a suboxone clinic on the other: If you are still looking for an excellent clinic to get suboxone etc. Go to:

      3825 N. 24th street
      Phoenix, AZ 85016-6512

      (602) 955-7997

      Good luck!! I wish you the best,

  8. In louisville area , need help today , for a appt . Have insurance , for dr’s office visit , and have R/X insurance as well.
    At the end of my rope, tired of the rollercoster.

  9. I found Dr. Michael Willens at Advanced Pain Management Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida who is taking new patients. He really understands addiction, is very caring, and the office is very professional and discreet. 904-683-2596. He actually takes time to talk with me – doesn’t just prescribe Suboxone.

    • Hi there. I know your post was quite a while ago but I was wondering if you found a Dr. in the Raleigh area?

  10. In Louisville area, need help, at end of our rope. Husband taking Subs for back pain, Needing to see if any doctors charge less than $500.00 for each visit. We can’t afford this at all but he needs something for pain to even live a normal life. Help please.

  11. My God…the number of people on here who can’t find Suboxone doctors is staggering and so sad. But worse is the people I’m reading here who have “doctors” who charge $500 cash for a visit; those so-called doctors/clinics are worse than a common bank robber. Hell has a special place waiting for doctors that abuse their patients physically or financially.

    I am so lucky to have a caring doctor who is helping me on the road to recovery via Suboxone. But I am a professional person with good insurance and understand how lucky I am compared to those people who do not have the means or resources to get proper medical help. I can only pray for those of you who honestly want to stop your addiction and pray that you will find a doctor very soon. I wish I could do more, but I can’t at this time. I even feel guilty signing off this forum without providing some sort of help; I cannot imagine the shame those sociopathic “doctors” (who steal and over-charge their patients) would feel IF they ever realized their own greed.

    God bless those on here who are looking to get clean and sober. DO NOT GIVE UP, the Almighty is leading you! “Happy are those who are persecuted because they do what God requires; the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to them!” (Matthew, 5:10)

  12. My life is spiraling out of contro . God has forced me to acknowledge that I have a problem. First step right??? Need a clinic in Joplin, Missouri? ??!!?? I have insurance but not sure if it covers this.

  13. Does anyone know about sub docs near or in altoona PA who accept the medical card and new patients. Or how much it is cash

  14. I need help I need to get on in the chicago area and have blue cross blue shield ive been looking but I’m not that smart on this Internet thing

  15. Anybody know of any sub docs in Louisville KY that charges less then $300 or that will use your insurance. Please help. I’m done with with these dam pills but can’t go through withdrawals. I work full time and have 3 boys. Please help.

      • Jennifer, I don’t know if you have already found a doctor who charges less than $300 per visit. I go to CARE Clinic for Drug Addiction in Central Mississippi, where all office visits are $180. It doesn’t matter if this is your first visit or your last visit, you will only pay $180. Not only that, the clinic helps me to find the lowest price for my medication. So I never have to pay more than $40 for a month supply of my medication. The total monthly costs for treating my opioid addiction is slightly over $200, which includes seeing the doctor and buying all of my medication for the month.

        In addiction to the financial benefits, the other reason why I am so thrilled to have found CARE Clinic is because of Dr. Edwards and the staff there. Dr. Edwards not only takes his time to help me with my addiction, but also with any other problems which could indirectly contribute to my addiction. He helped me to find an attorney for my divorce and a job. Not many doctors go above and beyond to help patients. It is also very easy for me to get seen, since CARE Clinic is opened every day from 9AM to 7PM. So I don’t need to change my schedule around (not even a little bit), in order to make my monthly appointment.

        After reading all of the horrible experiences of people on this blog, it has made me realized how lucky and blessed I truly am to have found CARE Clinic. My only advice for those of you who are suffering from this disease of opioid addiction and who don’t live near Mississippi, is to be patient. There are good doctors and good clinics around. If you are fortunate to find one, then you too will be as happy as I am and will try to connect as many people as you can to such a clinic.

  16. Does anyone know of a dr in new Orleans that will write Subutex? I work offshore and my dr is closed, I currently take Subutex and need a dr to help me out this one time. Any suggestions will greatly be appreciated

    • Frankie, I am replying to you since New Orleans is so close to Mississippi. Luckily, I have found a really great doctor and a really great clinic. I am treated by Dr. Edwards at CARE Clinic for Drug Addiction in Central Mississippi. Of course, I don’t know what he will prescribe you, but I do know that he has prescribed Subutex to patients. Since you work offshore, I am sure that you would be very grateful to know that CARE Clinic is open every day from 9AM to 7PM. (This includes Saturday and Sunday.) Therefore, you will never have a problem with getting seen and getting your medications.

  17. I am in MN but very close to WI and Iowa, I am looking for a cash private doctor who is taking new patients. I am currently on them through a local hospital whose wonderful it’s just that he wants out patient when i need to be on the road for work. Anyone’s who got any info that i could use would be wonderful. Thank you

  18. Are there any good subutex Dr’s out there that don’t cost that much in N.Y.? Preferably in Buffalo N.Y.

  19. Please help me as soon as possible. I won’t give up. My kids need me. This is between life and death.

  20. Sorry forgot the reason why I need help. I need a doctor that works Saturday’s and is willing to take me in today. I got a little money saved up and I either but more drugs or get on subutex and start the recovery process.

  21. Sorry forgot the reason why I need help. I need a doctor that works Saturday’s and is willing to take me in today. I got a little money saved up and I either but more drugs or get on subutex and start the recovery process.

    • Yajahira, I don’t know where you are located but if you are in Mississippi, you should consider CARE Clinic for Drug Addiction in Central Mississippi. The doctor and staff are very supportive and empowering. More importantly, CARE Clinic is open from 9AM – 7PM every day (seven days a week). I can’t give you any more specific advice if you are not located in (or near) Mississippi.

  22. We are a caring affordable clinic located on olathe kansas you can get in for at little as $100
    Dr Carlos Fierro MD

  23. I’ve been calling Docotors in the Winston-Salem NC Area for 2 days straight trying to find a Suboxone Doctor to Prescribe me Suboxone and everyone is either Not excepting New Patients or says I need a Referral. Why is it so hard to find a Walk In Suboxone Clinic around here for Help ? It should Not be this difficult to find help for yourself. Like they don’t care if you go back to using Heroin.

  24. Im in deseparte need of help finding a doctor that will prescribe Subutex i live in Upper Michigan but willin to travel to Wisconsin and any cities close to Milwaukee that are in Illinois. I relasped pretty bad n im spiraling outta control. I need to find a doctor ASAP. I can pay cash since i only have insurance thru the state of Michigan

    • Hello, Alycia, not sure if you have found any doctors but I’m located in the Rockford, IL area, south of Milwaukee and I have a list of Suboxone doctors. They usually only charge around $150 to $200 for the first visit and then $100 every visit there after. No referral required. There is Joseph Eckberg 815-316-8700; Martin Fields 815-703-5984; George Crabb 815-282-1339; William Campbell 815-397-8132. I work in the hospital and we refer people for treatment so I know of many resources that you can utilize. Email me anytime [email protected] if you need more doctors.

  25. Please if anyone knows of a subutex doc near michigan please email me. Ill travel to Wisconsin maybe even Illinious at this point! I cant get help anywhere in Upper Michigan they dont have hardly any programs up here

  26. I’m looking for a suboxone dr that accepts blue cross blue shield and not a cash dr, in Louisville Ky

    • Cynthia, I don’t know if this will be helpful, but I will gladly tell you about my experience. I am a very happy patient at CARE Clinic for Drug Addiction in Central Mississippi. CARE Clinic does not accept medical insurance, but the staff will provide me with my medical records so that I submit the documents for reimbursement. Since every visit is $180, I pay this amount on the front end and try to get reimbursed on the back end.

      One of the things that I find very helpful is that CARE Clinic will complete the prior authorization for health insurance companies, so that your medications will be very cheap.

      So in summary, I would try to get reimbursed on the back end (by getting the pertinent documents from your doctor), even if you have to pay for the office visit in cash. Lastly, I would get your health insurance to pay for your medications, but this may require a prior authorization.

      I hope that this helps.

  27. I am on methadone, it is affecting my heart, PVC is my dx. i need to find a Suboxene physician that will get me off methadone and on to Suboxone.

  28. I live in the Rockford, IL area and I also work as a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist and I help people find resources for treatment and suboxone doctors. If you need any help with finding doctors or treatment, pls email me [email protected]. I wish everyone the best

  29. I’m looking for a dr who would help me get off subutex I went through a program and Dr quit n left everyone hang in preferably Dr in ky but can travel if needed please help

    • This site doesn’t get the traffic it used to. Check out my forum; maybe someone will see your post there. Make sure you are registered and listed at so that any doctors in the area can find you if they are taking patients and using that site.

    • Mike, I am lucky because I have found a really great doctor. His name is Dr. Edwards at CARE Clinic for Drug Addiction in Central Mississippi. One of the first things that he emphasized on my first visit and on every subsequent visit is that he would be tapering me off my medications as my situation gets more stable. It is not his goal to substitute one addiction for another. On every visit, he warns me that the only two times that I will become very worried during my tapering is on the first time that he tapers me down and on the last time that he tapers me off all medications. This is based on his experience of tapering people off all medications.

      My suggestion to you Mike would be to make sure that you find a physician who will aggressively work on tapering you off all medications and make sure that he has a lot of experience tapering people off all medications. If you don’t find this kind of physician, then you may find yourself trading one addiction for another, like most people.

  30. I am very lucky because I have found a really great doctor and a really great clinic. I am treated by Dr. Edwards at CARE Clinic for Drug Addiction in Central Mississippi. First of all, the clinic is very affordable. There are no higher charges on the first visits and then more reasonable charges on subsequent visits. Here, all visits are $180 from first to last. Secondly, the clinic helps me to find the lowest price for medications, so I never have to pay more than $40 for a month supply of my medication. Thirdly, the doctor and staff are aggressively helping me to find an attorney to deal with the divorce that I am going through, to find employment so that I can become self-sufficient, etc. Lastly, and most importantly, CARE Clinic is opened 7 days a week, so that I can go there when I am not working. If I am only free on Sunday evening, then I can be seen without any problems. I used to think that these clinics were all about taking your money, but I can honestly say that CARE Clinic in Central Mississippi really does CARE.

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